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 Single Surrey 

 Hourly:  $29 

 Double Surrey 

 Hourly:   $39


 Deuce Coupe 

 Hourly:   $29


 Hourly:      $13

 Quad Sport 

 Hourly:      $13

 Cruiser Bike 

 Hourly:      $10
 Half Day:   $25
 Full Day:   $35

 Mountain Bike 

 Hourly:      $10
 Half Day:   $25
 Full Day:   $35

 Fat Bike 

 Hourly:      $10
 Half Day:   $25
 Full Day:   $35

 Tandem Bike 

 Hourly:      $15
 Half Day:   $30
 Full Day:   $45

 Kids Bike 

 Hourly:      $6
 Half Day:   $15
 Full Day:   $25 

 Kids Trailer

 Hourly:      $6
 Half Day:   $10
 Full Day:   $15 


 Hourly:      $6
 Half Day:   $10
 Full Day:   $15 



Chicago - North Avenue Beach

1600 N. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 458-0998


50% Off a Year of Fun!

Can't get enough of us? Purchase an Annual Pass today - and save 50% for an entire year! The card pays for itself in one visit.  For just $12, plus your full priced rental fee, you become an Annual Pass member which gives you 50% off all future rentals for one year. Plus, we'll throw in an extra half an hour onto your rental the day you become a member. 


How Do I Purchase 
My Annual Pass?

It's easy. When you get to the rental kiosk, ask a Wheel Fun Rentals employee for an Annual Pass. They can easily process your rental at the same time. When you become an Annual Pass holder, you'll get an extra half hour added to your rental the day you join, and 50% off all your rentals thereafter for a year.


Where Can I Use 
My Annual Pass?

You can use your Annual Pass at more than 60 locations across the country! Just present your pass to any participating location for an automatic 50% off any one human powered vehicle. 

These Locations Accept Annual Passes >


 Terms & Conditions 
  •  Get 50% off rentals for one (1) year from date of purchase*
  • *Valid for 50% off a one (1) hour rental on any one (1) product or 50% off one (1) Wheel Fun Bike Tour (at participating locations) 
  • 50% discount is not valid on pass purchase day.
  • Limit 1 card holder discount per day.
  • Cannot be used on Easter, Memorial, Labor Day, or 4th of July weekends (Sat., Sun., Mon.)
  • No cash value. Not valid with any other offer.
  • Non-transferable - Party whose name is on the card must be present for the rental. (Photo ID required.)
  •  By using the Annual Pass card, the card holder agrees to  all terms under which it was issued.


You'll find a myriad of cycling options at our wildly popular North Avenue Beach location! Located just steps from Lake Michigan's pristine beach, you'll have the opportunity to leisurely cruise along the busting Lakefront Trail on one of our specialty cycles.

Customize your Windy City adventure with a selection of pedal-craft including Surreys, mountain bikes, beach cruisers, and tandems. Race along the park's twisting pathways as you achieve low-to-the-ground glory with a Chopper, Quad Sport, or Deuce Coupe.

Small children in your group? Excellent! Wheel Fun Rentals also offers kid's bikes and trailers so everyone can join in on the fun.


About the Area

Get ready to have some great fun on the shores of this Great Lake. Commonly referred to as the "Third Coast" for its ocean-like appearance, Chicagoans of all ages flock to North Avenue Beach to unwind.

The beach features 60 volleyball courts, and is home to Castaways, the local beach bar and lounge. With over 1,200 acres to explore and 7 miles of lakefront trails, you'll have plenty of opportunities to let loose on your specialty cycle!

If you're not in the beach-going mood, head away from the surf and sand and cruise around the lush grounds of Lincoln Park. Make sure to stop at Lincoln Park Zoo. This world class zoo houses 1,100 animals and is next door to the famous Lincoln Park Conservancy. Further north you'll have the option to dine at North Pond, the locally sourced restaurant located on the pond waterfront.

Whatever your plans, Wheel Fun Rentals at North Avenue Beach will get you in motion.




Bring Your Group!

Whether you're planning a structured team building exercise, looking for a class field-trip, or a planning a family outing, Wheel Fun Rentals is the perfect place for your next group event! Gather your group and explore the area or try a scavenger hunt - teams can compete on a course, solving riddles and trying to be the first to coast across the finish line. Be sure to ask about our group rates. Call us today to help plan your upcoming event!



What are the most
popular group activities?

Our two most popular activities are  Free For Alls and Surrey Scavenger Hunts.  Free For Alls are perfect for groups with riders of different abilities - riders are let loose on a buffet-style-ride-anything you want party. Surrey Scavenger Hunts are perfect for groups looking for a challenge!  We set you up in teams and send you off in a Surrey with a list of riddles, clues, and questions to be solved. First group to complete the scavenger hunt WINS! 


I am interested,
what do I do next

We have a group event specialist ready and waiting for your call. Just call and let us know how many people in your group, what date(s) you are thinking of, and we can help you create a custom event that everyone will love! Give us a call!

"Wheel Fun Rentals was a breeze to work with. It was a great price and we consistently get fantastic feedback on our team building event."
~ Event Coordinator, Microsoft 



What's the Difference Between Bike-Share and Bike Rentals?

Bike-share programs (those rental bike stations) are intended to reduce traffic and the carbon footprint of large cities by providing locals with one-way rides to a destination point, usually their job. Traditional bike rentals (like Wheel Fun Rentals) serve the leisure and recreational riders and families that want to explore the city and take in the local sights.  Recreation rentals are focused around fun, family, great customer service, and are a better buy, we'll tell you why . . .


- Less Expensive     - Accommodates Kids & Families    - Greater Safety    
- Size and Fit Options     - Easier to Pedal     - Maps, Locks, Helmets and More!

Wheel Fun Rentals has straightforward low pricing with no hidden fees - standard bikes start at $10 an hour, $25 for a half day (4 hrs), and $35 for a full day (8 hrs). If renting from a bike share station, be sure to read the fine print! Bike-Share pricing is typically low for the first hour or less, but then increase significantly after that. They are designed for short trips so they penalize you for taking the bike for longer periods of time. Take Chicago's Divvy Bike Share for example, a day membership with them is $9.95 and you get the first 30 minutes for free, but go over the time by one minute and they start charging you. A one hour rental is $11.95, a two hour rental jumps to $25.95, and they continue to charge you $8 for every 30 minutes thereafter. So a 3 hour rental is $41.95, and a full day rental is $121.95! 

Families, Age Requirements, & Helmets
Bike-Share systems typically restrict use to those 16 or 18 years of age or older. Therefore families cannot ride together. And helmets are not available with a bike share system. Wheel Fun Rentals caters to children of all ages (with guardian supervision) and provides a variety of helmet sizes to keep kids and adults both legal and safe. 

Equipment and Variety
Bike-share systems only provide one size bike; they are twice as heavy as a typical bike, plus they only have one gear. Wheel Fun Rentals has a plethora of bikes that fit all different shapes, sizes, and age groups. Choose from cruiser bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes, and family bikes like our Surrey.  In addition to our bike variety we also have add on accessories like kids trailers and tag-a-longs. We have what you are looking for! And we’ll assure you get the right size; adjusted to you for greater comfort, optimal pedaling efficiency, and maximum safety.

Customer Service & Maintenance
Bike-Share docking stations, although open 24 hours, are all unmanned. Bikes in these systems do not get looked at between every customer and at times are not well maintained. Plus, docking stations have a tendency to fill up or be completely empty during peak commuter hours.  Wheel Fun Rentals' kiosks are always staffed and our friendly and knowledgeable employees can assist you in picking out the right bike and becoming familiar with it, adjusting items like seat height, check tire pressure, fit you for a helmet, give you verbal directions, and so much more. Our fleet is well maintained as it's looked over by a certified mechanic regularly, and inspected for safety before every customer goes out. Wheel Fun Rentals has a large fleet size to avoid any equipment shortages - there is always something to pedal at our locations.  

Wheel Fun Rentals provides maps, bike locks, helmets, bike bags & baskets (a place for you to put your stuff), free of charge! We also offer self guided tours, and other items to make your journey safe and enjoyable. Try exploring the city with a bike-share bike: you'll receive no helmet, no map to show you where to go, and no way to lock the bike up if you want to shop, walk around, or stop for lunch. 

All in all, riders looking for a quick trip over flat terrain might prefer to rent from a bike-share system. But riders looking for a more recreational experience to enjoy with their friends, family or loved one will be much more satisfied with bike rentals at Wheel Fun Rentals. With a variety of bikes to choose from, safety equipment, a well maintained fleet, bike tours, and excellent customer service, riders are free to explore and discover the city safely and enjoyably at an affordable price. 


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