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Irvine Regional Park – Wheel Fun Rentals

This past Sunday, January 27, 2019, our family adventured to The Irvine Regional Park in Orange, California as part of our continued series, “Sunday’s with the Stones.”

One of the main goals for Jacob and I, as parents, is to give our children the best experiences in life and focus on togetherness. In a world that is screen time obsessed (yes, I am guilty as well), it is important that we get out of the house, get fresh air, be active all while having fun. We value our time as a family and want to pass down traditions that we had growing up.

Once you enter the beautiful park, head straight past the first stop right, make a right at the second stop sign and park in lot #22! The upper lake area is exactly where you want to be! Why? It is centrally located to all the fun and I mean allllll the fun, and food. Wheel Fun Rentals has everything your family needs for a day packed with action and adventure. First thing on our agenda, was the single surrey bike! This bike seats two kids up front and two (plus one kid) in the back. Steered by dad but peddled but both of us, these fun bikes allow you to ride all over the entire park, and this park is huuuuugge, so you’re going to want to rent one of these asap.

It wouldn’t be a real day if it wasn’t filled with real tears… After one of dad’s infamous pep talks and an attitude adjustment later we were off. Char had her first helmet and bike experience ever and Ollie sat in the moosh pot waiting for his turn to “drive”.

Wheel Fun Rentals offers every kind of bike rental you need; Single Surrey, double surrey, tandem, quad-sport, BMX, kids sport, training wheels… and on and on. I am telling you, they have it all. Want to know what else they have?! Paddle boats!! These bad boys are legit! Seriously, If char wasn’t napping at the time we would have all been on them. When it was over, Oliver said it was his fav activity of the day. (Hell YES!)

Hungry? Just stop by the Lakeside snack bar for a burger/veggie-burger, fries and Ice cream. Yes, mom’s they have coffee and tea for you!

After riding all over the park, our legs needed a break so we took a slow fam-stroll and headed over the Orange County Zoo!

Orange County Zoo, located within feet of Wheel Fun Rentals/ Lakeside Snack bar, has a $2.00 entry fee, and is free for kids under 2! The best part, they have a petting zoo! Who doesn’t love a good petting zoo??

So many first experiences for Charlie and for us as a family of 4. We had so much fun and time slipped away from us, so we had to pack up and head home. The good news is though, that we will be back soon to enjoy the rest of what the park has to offer, and you better believe our first stop will be the Irvine Park Railroad.

We somehow managed to make it through the day with only three major meltdowns but left with sore legs and fulfilled hearts. The park only cost $5.00 per vehicle to enter, so grab your family and go play.

If you are in the area, trust me when I say this is a must-have stop for your family! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to meet up at our next park day.


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