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Sometimes selfies actually can be useful. Who knew selfies might be helpful when turning in your insurance claim for your stolen wallet, work computer, and entire suitcase full of everything you needed on a four day adventure trip to California for your girlfriends 30th birthday. This trip ended a little different than most trips. June 11th, I boarded my flight back home to Dallas with my fanny pack, ID, jacket, and phone. This is what I call, traveling light!

June 8th, I flew from Dallas to Oakland, California. Once I landed in Oakland I picked up my rental car and headed to Fish Camp, California where my girlfriend and a few other friends were staying for a few days. She was turning 30 and was running a 50k trail run to celebrate, I was one of her supporters! We all did a little hiking, exploring, and had a good time! Everyone was heading home Sunday, June 10th, I decided to stay an extra day and hangout in San Francisco for the day and fly home June 11th.

I stayed in a cute Airbnb in Oakland, California. However, I will probably never stay in Oakland again, I was a little nervous staying there. But it all worked out okay. Morning of June 11th, I was excited to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge on a bike and have lunch on the wharf before my night flight.

Bike rentals in San Francisco

I had just ridden across the Golden Gate bridge on my bike, I had rented from Wheel Fun Rentals, feeling rather proud of myself. I was a little nervous driving by myself around Fisherman’s Wharf, finding a bike rental shop, and riding a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge.

I did it, I parked down by the Wharf, found a bike shop, rode across the bridge, and then had a quick lunch at a local restaurant before I went back to my rental car, drove to the Oakland airport, and flew back home to Texas. I was enjoying the beautiful sunny day and felt accomplished, so I treated myself to some Ghirardelli ice cream too while I was there.

After I finished eating I headed back to my car, jumped in, didn’t check my trunk which was where my wallet, entire suitcase, work computer bag with laptop in it and many other important things because I had my fanny pack on with my driver’s license, so I didn’t need to check the trunk for anything.

I made it to the car rental place, greeted the customer service rep, popped my trunk walked around to get my luggage. It didn’t register to me that my luggage and everything was gone, so I walked back around to the driver’s side and looked in the back seat (like if I had forgot where I put my luggage). I walked back around to the trunk and just stared at the empty trunk. I was shocked and wasn’t sure what to do. So, I put my hand on the ladies arm and said, “ma’am, all of my things are gone….everything. What do I do?” She asked me where I was and a few other questions. Then I reached into my fanny pack and pulled out my driver’s license and said, “Oh my goodness, I have my license, I can go home. Where is the bus to the airport.” At that point she told me there wasn’t much I could do because that area was normal for theft. She told me submit a police report and that was all I could do. So, I said thank you and walk to the bus to get shuttled back to the airport. In my mind that was all I could do, it was gone, and I just wanted to go home.

After I walked towards the shuttle bus, I called my mom and started crying. I was still in shock and wasn’t sure what to do. Next thing I did was call my coworker have her shut off all my company credit cards and then I started calling my banks and credit card companies as well. After I had contacted them and warned them about my wallet being stolen I contacted the San Francisco Police department. They informed me I could submit a police report online and there was no time limit since I wasn’t at the scene of the theft. After I contacted the police department I contacted my insurance company, Progressive. I have both renters insurance (which is required where I live) and also auto insurance. I thought my auto insurance might cover the theft, but my renters insurance actually covered the theft and I just had to pay my deductible. This is where my selfies and pictures from my trip came in handy.

Bike the golden gate bridge

To submit my insurance claim with Progressive I had to have a police report, tell them exactly what happened, complete an inventory list of everything I had stolen (age of item, approximate price of item, and condition of the item, this took hours), and also any supporting documentation like pictures and/or receipts. Thank you selfies and pictures. I was able to go back through my pictures which helped me remember what I had taken to California. You don’t realize how much stuff you take with you until it is gone.

I was able to close my insurance claim and was reimbursed for the majority of my lost items. However, I lost my favorite luggage that my parents had given me for Christmas, the Diane Von Furstenberg Luggage that is in the picture below. And also lost a few things money couldn’t replace, like my journaling Bible that I had written in. But overall, I was glad I could get back to Dallas because I had my ID.

What was my big lesson in this situation, always carry your ID, possessions are just possessions, and pack light!

It also reminded me of Matthew 6: 19-21 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Things are just things, cherish memories, people, and love well!

Even though this trip didn’t end the way I thought it was, it was a trip full of many memories and adventures!


Britni Jo