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As the premier recreational rental company in the area, Wheel Fun Rentals offers the ultimate in fun for the entire family, from toddlers through grandparents.

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San Francisco: Bike the Golden Gate Bridge and ferry back!

Article by Jack, guest writing for A Modern Mother. View Original Article Here

With only one day to see the sights of San Francisco and 4 children (10 to 18yrs) to entertain, we decided to cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge. Parking near Fisherman’s Wharf was easier than expected, but look out for cheap offers displayed roadside for the various covered lots. We picked up a free Baycity flyer from a kerbside newsstand which included a 25% discount from Wheel Fun Rentals (conveniently located at Pier 43) – always appreciated when multiplying by 6! The bikes all had quick release seat adjustment, maps, (with several suggested routes), phone holders, cycle locks and a free audio tour was available. Helmets were, of course provided. The helpful squad at Wheel Fun recommended cycling out towards the Golden Gate Bridge then crossing over to Sausalito and getting the ferry back…