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Deluxe Infinity Shifting Priority Hybrid Bike

Gear-free, grease-free, and fun to ride. The Infinity Shifting Priority Hybrid Bike's innovative shifting makes it easy for all ages and abilities to climb San Francisco's steep inclines.

The Simplest Riding Experience

With the Deluxe Infinity Shifting Priority Hybrid Bike – found at Wheel Fun Rentals only – San Francisco’s rolling hills are a breeze. Our upgraded bikes have alloy frames, and upgraded brakes, and infinity shifting. They’re lighter-weight, have more stopping power, and provide a smoother shifting experience than any other bike on the road, guaranteed. They are chain-free, grease-free, and hassle-free, with an infinite number of gears.

The bike’s unique effortless shifting makes it easy for all ages and abilities to climb the hilly streets of San Francisco, meaning it’s even easier to rent a bike and see the city.


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With seamless shifting and an infinite number of gears, it’s easy to add or reduce resistance by simply twisting the grip (think dimmer switch).


With a Carbon Drive Belt instead of a traditional chain, you’ll experience the smoothest ride, free of grease, grime or rust.


An infinite range of gears means you can find your perfect pedal speed for any incline or decline.


Designed to be upright for rider safety and comfort.

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