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Ten Adult Adventures at Denver Parks This Summer

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the parks in metro Denver are just for kids. Sure, the little ones will appreciate an impressive play structure like the one at Paco Sanchez Park, or giant climbing sculptures  like the big cement frog at Rocky Mountain Lake Park. Or the Seussian visuals at Central Park, in the eponymous neighborhood where nearly everything is about kids.

But grownups like parks, too, and not just because they’re great places to take pictures of their kids. In fact, at most area parks on the weekends, adults (and their beer coolers) far outnumber children.

That said, it’s not all drinking and Jarts (or whatever assumedly safer park pastime you indulge in near a picnic blanket) at local parks. There are lots of places where action is the name of the game, and plenty of innovative outdoor activities.

So you don’t need to head for the hills (or sit in traffic on Interstate 70) to enjoy the great outdoors.

Pedal Boats: Wheel Fun Rentals in City Park
2001 Steele Street

Yes, other parks with small bodies of water around the city have pedal boats, but these are swans — and you’re pedaling them around City Park, one of the jewels of Denver in too many ways to count. Make sure to try these at night: The pedal boats light up, and you can rent them until 9:30 p.m. from June 10 through August 20. The cost is $11 per adult and $6 per child under eighteen, and no reservations are required. Even the NBA knows that this is pure Denver—they used the shot above as a bumper during the May 19 finals game.


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