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Five Family Friendly Day Trips Near Seattle

Surrey bikes for rent at Point Ruston in Tacoma (photo: Terumi Pong)

Find your next favorite day trip- crystal-hunting, beach walks, surrey rides and more!

When it comes to day trips near Seattle, the Pacific Northwest doesn’t come up short. From sandy beaches to mountain peaks, and all the forests, lakes, and trails in between, it’s easy to keep things interesting when you’re looking for an adventure.

As always, being prepared (plenty of water, snacks, first aid kit, and weather-appropriate clothing) will help ensure that our day trips aren’t only survivable, but also awesome for everyone involved. So pack up the family, set your destination, and hit the road. Here are 5 family-friendly and quintessentially Pacific Northwest day trips near the Seattle area: Take a weekend ride on the Pacific Crest chairlift, Hunt for crystals at Hansen Creek, Take a water taxi to Alki Beach and back, Paddleboard at Lake Easton, or Rent a Surrey at Point Ruston in Tacoma

If you haven’t yet rented a Surrey bike in Tacoma, it’s  something you should try at least once. Rent one at Point Ruston (a Surrey for 3 people plus 2 small children starts at $29 an hour at Wheel Fun Rentals) and cycle along the waterfront. (Fun fact: from sunset until 10 pm, the bikes are lit up for night rides)!

Snack break: Stop for a scoop at Ice Cream Social, and a post-ride pit stop at the nearby playground. Or check out the Stairs and Slides at Dune Peninsula — just a short walk away. Need more day trip action? Make an entire day of it (or more!) and visit the Point Defiance Zoo.

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