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Where to Ride

Central Oregon has countless interesting trails woven into its mountains and forests - you just need to know where to find them! Find out more about our recommended trails.

Trails Near Bend, Oregon


Easy • 2.6 Mile

Spectacular views, numerous waterfalls, and Ponderosa pine trees as far as the eye can see – the Tumalo Creek Trail combines the classic aspects of Central Oregon mountain biking into one scenic adventure. Right off the parking lot you’re greeted by Tumalo Falls, the 90 foot cascade that is just one of eight waterfalls found along the trail. The path’s flat, manicured ground offers the ability to bike the trail in the snow, or steadily make your way up the North Fork Trail in the summer.



Moderate/Challenging • 27.7 Miles

This fairly steep loop provides a bit of history, a bit of excitement, and plenty of outdoor Oregon fun. Multiple trails within the loop give you an array of biking options including the old growth of the Farewell Trail and the view of Three Sisters on the Skyliner Trail. Conclude your trip with a romp on the hills and jumps on Whoops Loop. Due to the rigorous sections of this path, we recommend that only experienced riders take this route.


Easy/Moderate • 5.6 Miles

Kent’s Trail is perfect for families or bike riders that are looking for a smooth, wildlife-filled journey through the trees. Submerge yourself in pines and manzanitas as you twirl up and down switchbacks through clusters of sagebrush. Keep an eye out for lava rocks, created by the Lava Butte volcanic explosion almost 7,000 years ago. This trail does have a few moderate climbs but it is, for the most part, downhill and easy to walk your bike if needed.



Easy/Moderate/Challenging • 3/7/12 Miles

One of the most iconic Bend trail networks, the Bridges Scenic Bikeway has numerous options for families with children or novice bikers, riders looking for a longer tour, or experienced cyclists who want to see it all. Ride the riverfront trail, right against the Deschutes River, over the Drake Park to see the Great Horned Owl nests. Riders who opt for the full tour will tour through Sawyer Point might catch a glimpse of the over 140 species of birds that call the park their home. The moderate and challenging routes do include some gravel sections, but the trail is otherwise paved.

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