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Swan Boats at Yorba Regional Park

We’re hooked on Swan boats, they’re are so much fun! After our last visit in Long Beach at Rainbow Lagoon, we decided to also check out the Swan Boats at Yorba Regional Park on a Sunday afternoon. This is a great location for enjoying these boats. There is plenty of parking and it is usually not crowded. The boats are located at the first lake you see when you enter the park, making it easy to find right away. This is a large, calm, beautiful lake with trees all around. It’s so serene to be on these boats in the middle of the lake. Be prepared to see a lot of ducks and birds enjoying the lake with you.

Yorba Regional Park is a great location for various family activities for small or large groups. Right next to the swan boats, you can find playgrounds and plenty of picnic tables. At the Wheel Fun kiosk where you rent the boats, you can also rent bikes. Look for this building to get started.

Tips and Coupon

The swan boats can fit up to five people per boat. We had two boats for our family of 6 which worked out great, and it gave everyone who wanted to a chance to sit up front. If your kids are smaller they might let you fit 6 to a boat. These boats are pedal boats with a rudder to steer direction. It’s super easy even for the kids. Renting the boats for 1 hour is in my opinion plenty of time with minutes to spare. Note: Everyone is required to wear a life vest even adults. We made reservations to ensure our spot but you can also just walk up and rent what’s available. Grab our Huddlebee coupon for 15% off HERE.


Yorba Regional Park
7600 E. La Palma Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92807
United States

Our Next Location to Visit

We love the activities that Wheel Fun Rentals provide all over SoCal. We have it on our calendar to visit two of their locations. This was our first stop at the Swan Boats at Yorba Regional Park. Next up, we are excited about visiting Coronado Island in San Diego to enjoy biking there with the whole family.

Follow us on this journey! If you would like to try Swan boats at Yorba Regional Park and bikes at Coronado Island, use this LINK for the COUPON. Have them scan it at check-in for 15% off! Stay tuned for our next adventure at Coronado Island.


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