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Wheel Fun Rentals Closed For Summer Due to Damaged Lakewalk

DULUTH, MN –Lakewalk damage in Duluth, MN

Storm damage to Duluth’s lakewalk will take a hit to one of the many popular tourist activities.

Wheel Fun Rentals, which allows customers to rent a bike or cart to ride around the area, won’t be open during the entire summer due to the damage.

On their website, the company issued the following statement:

“We are closed summer 2018.  We are unable to operate while the Lakewalk damages are being repaired.  Stay tuned for an opening date!”

Owner of Wheel Fun Rentals, Rodney Knight said the decision had to do with where the damage is concentrated.

“We found out we couldn’t ride to the north to Fitgers,” he said. “Fitgers is the end of our northern section so what we did was we offered to take that section out and ride to the south.”

After further consideration, between the Fitgers section closed off and the city still assessing other sections of the trail, he said they ultimately decided they shouldn’t open this summer at all.

“I don’t have another place to put the bikes temporarily so they’ll sit for the summer. That hurts.”

According to the city, after both the October and April storms the lakewalk is looking at more than $3 million in damages and they have yet to assess some portions still covered in ice.

King said in a typical Duluth summer the business raises a few hundred thousand dollars. But with other locations around Minnesota, he expects the company to weather the storm.

“We do love the Duluth venue, and we hope to be back as soon as possible,” he said.

He expects Wheel Fun Rentals to be back for next summer.


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