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Triple Beam Pizza, LA’s #1 Pizza Place, Features Iconic Swan Boat on Pizza Boxes at Echo Park Location

Echo Park is a tight-knit community filled with local shops that are as unique as the people who live here. Because of this, shops and restaurants that move into the area enthusiastically embrace the quirky aspects of the district – Triple Beam Pizza included!

The new pizza shop to hit Echo Park showcases Echo Park Swan Boats on their pizza boxes, a nod to the festive activity that has become an icon in the area. Triple Beam’s boxes are adorned with a fun illustration of a Swan Boat floating on the lake with the Downtown LA skyline in the background.

Triple Beam Pizza is the passion project of an all-star team of renowned chefs and local culinary merchants that naturally fits perfectly into Echo Park’s off-beat atmosphere. Customers pay for their piece of pie per its weight- that means no slices, no serving sizes, no limitations! Simply choose from their large selections of specialty-toppings, then decide exactly how much of their elongated pizzas you’d like to order (they helpfully note that a typical slice of pizza weighs about 4 ounces).

It’s a charmingly unique idea – their slogan is even “The Place Where They Weigh the Pizza.”

Triple Beam Pizza is yet another addition to the already unbelievable list of restaurants in our little neighborhood of Echo Park, and an excellent option to satisfy your hunger after a long Swan Boat ride. They’re open Sunday through Thursday from 12 pm to 10 pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 12 pm to 12 am, which makes it the perfect stop after experiencing our Swan Boat Night Rides, now offered 7 days a week from Sunset to 10 pm!

For more information take a look at their Instagram account below: