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Prepare to be amazed at St. Paul's Como Park's expansive array of attractions nestled in this 384 acre park. With over 2.7 miles of trails, you’ll have a wonderful time on your Surrey exploring the meandering trail.

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Outdoor Adventures to Indoor Attractions – Duluth Has you Covered

If you’re searching for the ideal vacation destination — with plenty of space for physical distancing — you couldn’t pick a better place than Duluth, Minnesota. Outdoor beauty and exploration abound along the shores of Lake Superior, which is big enough for everyone, with plenty of recreation options, sightseeing and amazing attractions.

Here are some ways to have fun in Duluth, no matter what type of adventures you seek.

People-powered adventures

Your family can pedal together on a Surrey Cycle, or rent bikes for everyone at Wheel Fun Rentals in Canal Park. Wheel Fun Rentals are designed to help you explore the Duluth Waterfront in a fun, unique way.

To explore all the exciting Duluth attractions, visit