Self-Guided Kayak Tour

Brooklyn's Marine Park Kayak Tour

Don't miss the chance to paddle around White Island Reserve or travel up the Plumb Beach Channel. You'll be delighted as you watch the antics of osprey and other flourishing wildlife found in this urban oasis. Look for fiddler crabs, osprey, horseshoe crabs, and more! This self-guided kayak tour is included FREE with half-day and full-day kayak rentals!

The Marine Park self-guided kayak & Stand Up Paddleboard tour is packed with the local flora, fauna, and various points of interest you’ll most likely see on our watercraft tour. And the best part is you choose the length of your adventure and its included FREE with half-day and full-day kayak rentals! Whether you embark on this journey with a friend, or solo this tour has something for everyone!

Come prepared to get a little wet from the drip of your paddle and splash of the water. Dress for the weather; lightweight, synthetic clothing is best. Prepare to be out in the sun; sunglasses, sun block and a hat that won’t blow off. A water bottle is also recommended.

Starting at $28

Skill Level

Approx. Time

2 - 4 Hours


6 Miles
Salt Marsh Ecosystem

Salt marshes are wetlands connecting the ocean to land and are flooded daily by the tides. They serve as critical habitat for fish, mussels and shorebirds and help to clean the water and reduce flooding. Over 80% of New York City’s original salt marshes were destroyed by development of the shoreline.


Absent in New York City for years due to habitat destruction and pesticides, in the 1990’s osprey began returning to the city each spring. Ospreys are monogamous and, much like humans, present their partners with gifts (branches, balloons, garbage bags) that are used to decorate their nests, seen high up on platforms in the marsh.

Fiddler Crab

These crabs burrow in the sand and mucky soil around salt marshes. They help break down dead plant leaves, returning nutrients to the soil. Their burrows also help aerate the soil by bringing oxygen to plant roots. Fiddler crabs are named for the male’s single large claw, which is used to defend burrows and attract mates.

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Included with this

Self-Guided Tour

  • Your choice of water product
  • A paddle
  • Life jackets
  • Rider & safety instructions
  • wheels and/or handle to assist in the 6-8 minute walk down to the water

Gear up for the trip

Recommended Products

Checklist of

What to bring & wear

  • comfortable clothes and shoes
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • water
  • A camera
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