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Nearby Locations:
Black Butte Ranch - Recreation Center
Klamath Falls - Running Y Ranch
Redmond - Eagle Crest Resort



Hourly: $25

Double Surrey

Hourly: $35

Triple Surrey

Hourly: $50

Deuce Coupe

Hourly: $25


Hourly: $12

Quad Sport

Hourly: $12

Tandem Bike

Hourly: $20
Half Day: $40
Full Day: $55

Kids Bike

Hourly: $8
Half Day: $15
Full Day: $25

Kids Trailer

Hourly: $8
Half Day: $15
Full Day: $25


Hourly: $8
Half Day: $15
Full Day: $25

Baby Jogger

Hourly: $8
Half Day: $15
Full Day: $25

  Cruiser Bike 

  Hourly:      $10
  Half Day:   $20
  Full Day:   $28 

  Multi-Speed     Bikes  

  Hourly:      $12
  Half Day:   $24
  Full Day:   $35 


 Fat Bike 

 Hourly:      $15
 Half Day:   $30
 Full Day:   $40





Bend - Old Mill District

SW Powerhouse Drive
& SW Mill A Drive - across from the Pond
Bend, OR 97702
(541) 408-4568




Wheel Fun Rentals puts explorers in motion with a plethora of vessels for traversing land and seeing the sights. Intrepid adventurers can rent a range of vehicles, including Surreys, tandem bicycles, and a variety of specialty cycles. Feel like a kid again as you achieve low-to-the-ground glory with a chopper, quad sport, or deuce coupe.

Once you've selected your roadster, cruise along the Deschutes River, explore Downtown Bend, traverse the miles of bike trails, or race to one of Old Mill District's fantastic eateries. Whether you are a local or visiting Bend for the first time, don’t miss this unique way to explore the area! 


Old Mill District Bike Rentals

About the Area

The Old Mill District is an area formerly occupied by two lumber mills in Bend, Oregon. Encompassing approximately 270 acres along the Deschutes River, the Old Mill District is now a mixed-use area known for its shops, galleries and restaurants. It draws thousands of visitors and employs more than 2,500 people.

The area underwent significant development since the mid-1990s, when the land was purchased by developer Bill Smith, president of William Smith Properties. He maintained elements of the original buildings, including the area’s three signature smokestacks. The Old Mill District is one of Bend's most historic, distinctive, and dynamic areas. Cruise along the beautiful Deschutes River and check out the unique shopping, great dining and fantastic views of the Cascade Mountain Range and scenic river vistas. Take the whole family for a ride on one of our Double Surreys.

McKay Park is an excellent choice for taking a break on your road trip. This park is the site for the Oregon Trunk Railroad interpretive sign, which describes Bend's early railroad history. There is plenty of grass, picnic tables, and park benches to enjoy.




Bring Your Group!

Whether you're planning a structured team building exercise, looking for a class field-trip, or a planning a family outing, Wheel Fun Rentals is the perfect place for your next group event! Gather your group and explore the area or try a scavenger hunt - teams can compete on a course, solving riddles and trying to be the first to coast across the finish line. Be sure to ask about our group rates. Call us today to help plan your upcoming event!



What are the most
popular group activities?

Our two most popular activities are  Free For Alls and Surrey Scavenger Hunts.  Free For Alls are perfect for groups with riders of different abilities - riders are let loose on a buffet-style-ride-anything you want party. Surrey Scavenger Hunts are perfect for groups looking for a challenge!  We set you up in teams and send you off in a Surrey with a list of riddles, clues, and questions to be solved. First group to complete the scavenger hunt WINS! 


I am interested,
what do I do next

We have a group event specialist ready and waiting for your call. Just call (541) 408-4568 and let us know how many people in your group, what date(s) you are thinking of, and we can help you create a custom event that everyone will love! Give us a call!

"Wheel Fun Rentals was a breeze to work with. It was a great price and we consistently get fantastic feedback on our team building event."
~ Event Coordinator, Microsoft 



Multi-Day Rental Rates:

 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 
Adult Cruiser Bike
(Single Speed)
 $28$42 $52 $62 $72  $80 $87
Multi-Speed Bikes
(Adult & Kids)
$35 $50 $65  $75 $85$95 $105 
Tandem Bike$55 $70  $85 $95$105 $115 $125 
Kids Bike
(Single Speed)
$25 $34  $43 $49$54 $58 $62 
Trailers$25 $34  $43  $49 $54 $58 $62 
Tag-A-Longs$25 $34  $43  $49 $54 $58 $62 

Please call for more information and additional days. 

All rentals include use of Helmet and Lock!


Deschutes River Trail 
Self-Guided Bike Tour

Riding Time: 3 - 4 hours total. Approximately 2 hours riding time & 1.5 hours for lunch and exploring 
Skill Level: Easy/Moderate
Points of Interest: Old Mill District, McKay Park, Drake Park, Mirror Pond, First St. Rapids Park, Les Schwab Ampitheater, and more!


Learn About This Tour

Bend, Oregon is the home of the Deschutes River Trail, a 19-mile trail that extends from Tumalo State Park to Meadow Camp. Your self-guided bike tour starts from our location in Bend’s Old Mill District, a historic district that formerly housed one of the largest sawmill operations in the world. Parks, ponds, trees, and mountains dot this tour route all the way from our location to Archie Briggs Canyon, which offers incredible views of Mount Washington and Black Butte Ranch.

Les Schwab Amphitheater, located in Old Mill District, is the first stop on this tour. The amphitheater can accommodate more than 8,000 for concerts and other events, a frequent spot for local and national performers through the summer. You’ll come across McKay Park, Drake Park, Mirror Pond, First St. Rapids Park, Sawyer Park, and Archie Briggs Canyon along this extensive bike trail.

May We Suggest...

What's included on my tour?

Our self-guided tours include your choice of bicycle, a route map with all the great points of interest and historic facts about the area, a helmet, bike bag or basket, and a bike lock. Plus, our rental clerks are happy to help you select the perfect bike for your adventure. 


 What do I need to bring?

We have your ride and route covered - so all you need to bring are comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, and your camera. And don't forget to bring some cash for lunch or a snack along the way! Bike bags/baskets are provided on all bikes for easy storage of items.


How long is the tour?

While on one of our self-guided tours, you can expect to be out exploring for 3 to 4 hours. This includes approximately 2 hours of riding time and 1 to 2 hours for lunch, shopping, photo opts, and exploring the area.

I want to take the tour...

You've made a great choice! We have plenty of bikes available, so no need to call, just come by. When you arrive, mention the bike tour. Our fantastic staff will ensure that you have everything you need. We don't take reservations, so please stop by our location. 



What's the Difference Between Bike-Share and Bike Rentals?

Bicycle stations are becoming more popular for commuters. Zagster, Bend Oregon's bike share, offers cycles only to students and faculty at OSU-Cascades. Bike shares are intended for adult riders looking for a quick one way bike rental over flat terrain. Wheel Fun Rentals caters to all ages looking for fun and affordable bicycle rentals to enjoy with friends, family or loved ones. Better than a bike drop, we’re Bend's best stocked bike station - full of a variety of bikes to choose from. A step beyond the Zagster kiosks, we provide safety equipment, a well maintained fleet, bike tours, and excellent customer service! Visit Wheel Fun Rentals, where riders are encouraged to leisurely explore and discover the city at their own pace! Learn more about why we’re different…

- Accommodates Kids & Families    - Greater Safety    
- Size and Fit Options     - Easier to Pedal     - Maps, Locks, Helmets and More!

Wheel Fun Rentals has straightforward low pricing with no hidden fees - standard bikes start at $10 an hour and $28 for a full day. It's important to read the fine print: Bike-Share pricing is typically low for the first hour or less, but then increase significantly after that. 

Families, Age Requirements, & Helmets
As these systems are geared toward commuters, Zagster restricts use to those 18 years of age or older, and limit the number of bikes you can unlock at once. Therefore families or large groups cannot ride together. And helmets are not available with a bike share system. Wheel Fun Rentals caters to children of all ages (with guardian supervision) and provides a variety of helmet sizes with a professional helmet fitting to keep kids and adults both legal and safe

Equipment and Variet
Bike share stations only provide one size bike; they are twice as heavy as a typical bike, plus they only have limited gears. Wheel Fun Rentals has a plethora of bikes that fit all different shapes, sizes, abilities, and age groups. Choose from a variety of family bikes like our Surrey, Deuce Coupe, Chopper, or Quad Sports. In addition, we offer a great selection of two-wheeled bikes, including fat tire bikes! We have what you are looking for! And we’ll assure you get the right size; adjusted to you for greater comfort, optimal pedaling efficiency, and maximum safety.

Customer Service & Maintenance
Bike share docking stations, although open 24 hours, are all unmanned. Bikes in these systems do not get looked at between every customer and at times are not well maintained. Plus, docking stations have a tendency to fill up or be completely empty during peak commuting hours.  Wheel Fun Rentals' kiosks are always staffed and our friendly and knowledgeable employees can assist you in picking out the right bike and becoming familiar with it, adjusting items like seat height, check tire pressure, fit you for a helmet, give you verbal directions, and so much more. Our fleet is well maintained as it's looked over by a certified mechanic regularly, and inspected for safety before every customer goes out.  Wheel Fun Rentals has a large fleet size to avoid any equipment shortages - there is always something to pedal at our locations.  

Wheel Fun Rentals provides maps, rugged bike locks, helmets, bike bags & baskets (a place for you to put your stuff), self guided tours, and other items to make your journey safe and enjoyable. Try exploring the city with a bike-share bike: you'll receive no helmet, no map to show you where to go, and many bike share systems have no way to lock the bike up if you want to shop, walk around, or stop for lunch. 

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