May 6th - May 26th*

Monday - Friday

12 pm - 8 pm

Saturday - Sunday

10 am - 8 pm

May 27th - July 30th*

Monday - Friday

9 am - 9 pm

Saturday - Sunday

8 am - 9 pm   
(*Weather Permitting)
Last Rental Goes Out 1 Hour Prior to Close.


Cruiser Bike

Hourly: $12
Half Day: $30
Full Day: $40

Mountain Bike

Hourly: $12
Half Day: $30
Full Day: $40

Tandem Bike

Hourly: $17
Half Day: $34
Full Day: $44

Kids Bike

Hourly: $9
Half Day: $25
Full Day: $35

Pedal Boat

Hourly: $23

Double Pedal Boat

Hourly: $33


Hourly: $14
Half Day: $38
Full Day: $53

Double Kayak

Hourly: $22
Half Day: $53
Full Day: $73


Hourly: $22
Half Day: $53
Full Day: $73

Stand Up Paddle Board

Hourly: $20

 **Sales Tax is Not Included**

  **Valid photo ID required** 

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Minneapolis - Lake Calhoun

3000 Calhoun Parkway East
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 823-5765 Direct
(877) 273-2453


50% Off a Year of Fun!

Can't get enough of us? Purchase an Annual Pass today - and save 50% for an entire year! The card pays for itself in one visit.  For just $12, plus your full priced rental fee, you become an Annual Pass member which gives you 50% off all future rentals for one year. Plus, we'll throw in an extra half an hour onto your rental the day you become a member. 


How Do I Purchase 
My Annual Pass?

It's easy. When you get to the rental kiosk, ask a Wheel Fun Rentals employee for an Annual Pass. They can easily process your rental at the same time. When you become an Annual Pass holder, you'll get an extra half hour added to your rental the day you join, and 50% off all your rentals thereafter for a year.


Where Can I Use 
My Annual Pass?

You can use your Annual Pass at more than 60 locations across the country! Just present your pass to any participating location for an automatic 50% off any one human powered vehicle. 

These Locations Accept Annual Passes >


 Terms & Conditions 
  •  Get 50% off rentals for one (1) year from date of purchase*
  • *Valid for 50% off a one (1) hour rental on any one (1) product or 50% off one (1) Wheel Fun Bike Tour (at participating locations) 
  • 50% discount is not valid on pass purchase day.
  • Limit 1 card holder discount per day.
  • Cannot be used on Easter, Memorial, Labor Day, or 4th of July weekends (Sat., Sun., Mon.)
  • No cash value. Not valid with any other offer.
  • Non-transferable - Party whose name is on the card must be present for the rental. (Photo ID required.)
  •  By using the Annual Pass card, the card holder agrees to  all terms under which it was issued.




Welcome to the premier bike and boat rentals destination in Minneapolis; featuring the largest selection of specialty cycles, bicycles, boats, and more - guaranteed fun for the whole family! Wheel Fun Rentals puts Lake Calhoun explorers in motion with a plethora of vessels for traversing land and lake. Intrepid adventurers can rent a range of vehicles, including mountain bikes or cruiser bikes.

Once you've selected your rental roadster, gallivant along the miles of trails throughout the park. Those opting for water bound adventures can hop aboard kayaks or pedal boats and traverse the lake. For kayaking, come prepared to get a little wet from the drip of your paddle and splash of the water. Dress for the weather; lightweight, synthetic clothing is best. Prepare to be out in the sun; sunglasses, sun block and a hat that won’t blow off.  A water bottle is also recommended for longer excursions. 

 Whether you are a local or visiting the park for the first time, don't miss this unique way to explore Lake Calhoun! 

 Lake Calhoun Bike & Boat Rentals

About the Area

Lake Calhoun is the largest lake in Minneapolis.  It joins the Lake of the Isles through a long channel and is the biggest lake of five that make up the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes. Surrounded by city park land and circled by bike and walking trails, it is popular for many outdoor activities like canoeing, fishing, wind surging, swimming, sailing, and of course, biking.

Wheel Fun Rentals provides the perfect water ride - take a captivating journey around Minneapolis Chain of Lakes. This ride is one of the best kept secrets in the Twin Cities. Enjoy arched bridges, canopies of trees, and the Twin Cities skyline.

 Wheel Fun Rentals is pleased to partner with Step Up, an innovative Minneapolis program that connects top local businesses with middle schoolers and high schoolers through a variety of paid internship opportunities. For more information on Step Up, please visit http://www.achievempls.org/stepupachieve 

Bring Your Group!

Whether you're planning a structured team building exercise, looking for a class field-trip, or a planning a family outing, Wheel Fun Rentals is the perfect place for your next group event! Gather your group and explore the area or try a scavenger hunt - teams can compete on a course, solving riddles and trying to be the first to coast across the finish line. Be sure to ask about our group rates. Call us at (877) 273-2453 to help plan your upcoming event!



What are the most 
popular group activities?

At Lake Calhoun we have plenty of FUN products to ensure that your group event is a blast! Complete our scavenger hunt on the water or take a bike ride around the lake! At Lake Calhoun we have access to three beautiful lakes-explore them all!


I am interested, 
what do I do next

We have a group event specialist ready and waiting for your call. Just call (877) 273-2453 and let us know how many people in your group, what date(s) you are thinking of, and we can help you create a custom event that everyone will love! 
Give us a call!

"The staff was awesome. The organization of our group was great, and the passion to make our teams have a great time was evident."

~ Andrew Mulz, Red Robin 



What's the Difference Between Bike-Share and Bike Rentals?

Bicycle stations are becoming more popular for commuters. Nice Ride, Minneapolis' bike share, offers cycles intended for adult riders looking for a quick one way bike rental over flat terrain. Wheel Fun Rentals caters to all ages looking for fun and affordable bicycle rentals to enjoy with friends, family or loved ones. Better than a bike drop, we’re Minneapolis' best stocked bike station - full of a variety of bikes to choose from. A significant step beyond the Nice Ride kiosks, we provide safety equipment, a well maintained fleet, bike tours, and excellent customer service! Visit Wheel Fun Rentals, where riders are encouraged to leisurely explore and discover the city at their own pace! Learn more about why we’re different…

-Generally Less Expensive     - Accommodates Kids & Families    - Greater Safety    
- Size and Fit Options     - Easier to Pedal     - Maps, Locks, Helmets and More!

Wheel Fun Rentals has straightforward low pricing with no hidden fees - standard bikes start at $10 an hour, $27 for a half day (4 hrs), and $37 for a full day (8 hrs). It's important to read the fine print: Bike-Share pricing is typically low for the first hour or less, but then increase significantly after that. They are designed for short trips so they penalize you for taking the bike for longer periods of time. Take Minnesota's bike share for example, a day membership with Nice Ride, the local Bike-Share, is $6 and you get the first 30 minutes for free, but go over the time by one minute and they start charging you. A one hour rental is $12, a two hour rental jumps to $18, and then continue to charge you $3 for every 30 minutes thereafter. So a 3 hour rental is $24, and their full day rate is $71! 

Families, Age Requirements, & Helmets
As these systems are geared toward commuters, Niceride restricts use to those 18 years of age or older, and limit the number of bikes you can unlock at once. Therefore families or large groups cannot ride together. And helmets are not available with a bike share system. Wheel Fun Rentals caters to children of all ages (with guardian supervision) and provides a variety of helmet sizes with a professional helmet fitting to keep kids and adults both legal and safe

Equipment and Variet
Bike share stations only provide one size bike; they are twice as heavy as a typical bike, plus they only have limited gears. Wheel Fun Rentals has a plethora of bikes and we offer additional recreation for all ages. Take a cruiser bike, or have fun paddling through Lake Calhoun on a kayak or canoe.  We have what you are looking for! And we’ll assure you get the right size; adjusted to you for greater comfort, optimal pedaling efficiency, and maximum safety.

Customer Service & Maintenance
Bike share docking stations, although open 24 hours, are all unmanned. Bikes in these systems do not get looked at between every customer and at times are not well maintained. Plus, docking stations have a tendency to fill up or be completely empty during peak commuting hours.  Wheel Fun Rentals' kiosks are always staffed and our friendly and knowledgeable employees can assist you in picking out the right bike and becoming familiar with it, adjusting items like seat height, check tire pressure, fit you for a helmet, give you verbal directions, and so much more. Our fleet is well maintained as it's looked over by a certified mechanic regularly, and inspected for safety before every customer goes out.  Wheel Fun Rentals has a large fleet size to avoid any equipment shortages - there is always something to pedal at our locations.  

Wheel Fun Rentals provides maps, rugged bike locks, helmets, bike bags & baskets (a place for you to put your stuff), self guided tours, and other items to make your journey safe and enjoyable. Try exploring the city with a bike-share bike: you'll receive no helmet, no map to show you where to go, and many bike share systems have no way to lock the bike up if you want to shop, walk around, or stop for lunch. 

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May 6th - May 26th*

Monday - Friday

12 pm - 8 pm

Saturday - Sunday

10 am - 8 pm


May 27th - July 30th*

Monday - Friday

9 am - 9 pm

Saturday - Sunday

8 am - 9 pm


July 31st - Aug 13th*

Monday - Friday

9 am - 8:30 pm

Saturday - Sunday

8 am - 8:30 pm


Aug 14th - Sept. 4th*

Monday - Friday

2 pm - 8 pm 

Saturday - Sunday

10 am - 8 pm 


Sep. 5th - Sept. 30th*

Monday - Friday

2 pm - 7 pm 

Saturday - Sunday

10 am - 7 pm


Oct. 1st - Oct. 22nd*

Saturday - Sunday

10 am - 6 pm


Oct. 23rd - May 5th

Closed for the Season     


 *Weather Permitting. Last Rental Goes Out 1 Hour Prior to Close.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have storage lockers?
Sorry, at this time we do not have storage lockers. You can leave anything on our beach, but we can not hold onto them in our building or be responsible. Please leave your valuables in your car or at home!
How old do you need to be to rent?
We require you to be 18 years or older to sign our contract. If you are under 18 you will need someone 18 or older to be out on the lake with you at all times.
What do I need to rent?
A valid government issued photo ID and a form of payment:We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card and Discover
How much time do I have?
We will automatically charge you for the first hour. If you choose to take it out longer, we will charge you a 1/4 of the price in 15 minute increments. Stay out as long as you would like and HAVE FUN!
When does my time start?
Your time starts when you pay for your rental-please use the bathroom/change/drop things off at your car before paying. We do give you a 15 minute grace period as well.
Do you have life jackets?
Yes we do, they are required and free with every rental!
Do we need to make a reservation?
Nope! We do not take reservations- everything is all first come first served. We have plenty of products available though!

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