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More People Than Ever Before Took to The Great Outdoors Amidst the Pandemic. As Restrictions Ease, Staying Outdoors is Still the Preference.

For Immediate Release:
April 28, 2021

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, more Americans than ever before turned to the outdoors, some for the first time and others for the first time in many years. With pandemic restrictions beginning to lift, studies show people continue to prefer, and feel safer, participating in outdoor activities with family and friends.  Wheel Fun Rentals has locations all over southern California that provide open-air, safe, and fun outdoor recreation at a reasonable price. So it’s easy to stay connected with others, while staying safe.

Each year, the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) produces the Outdoor Participation Report – the largest, most comprehensive research report on outdoor recreation participation.  This year they commissioned a special report to share exclusive insights about Americans’ engagement in outdoor activities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  The study specifically looked at “new outdoor participants” defined as someone who participated in an outdoor activity for the first time during the pandemic or after a significant lapse. Some of the key takeaways that the study revealed was that new outdoor participants chose socially-distanced outdoor activities in order to spend time with loved ones safely, to exercise, stay healthy or to reduce screen-time fatigue. These new outdoor participants were also largely motivated by outdoor recreation opportunities with low barriers to entry that were available and accessible within 10 miles of their homes, including walking, running, biking and hiking.

Today, even as the COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift, Wheel Fun Rentals continues to see higher-than-average numbers of people recreating outdoors. “Being outdoors is a safe way to spend time with friends,” said Tory Yesnik, a customer on a swan boat rental at Rainbow Lagoon Long Beach.

“The pandemic’s impact has inspired many to reevaluate priorities, seeing possible life changes and reducing screen time. These healthy lifestyle changes have continued to remain important for the base majority of the population even as restrictions ease,” said Mike Ullerick Operations Director for Wheel Fun Rentals.  According to the OIA report, new outdoor participants continue to flock to outdoor programs and activities that engage families, that make life more social, and that are easily accessible and close to home.

Wheel Fun Rentals offers a variety of healthful and affordable recreation opportunities with locations all over Southern California.  With bike tours, beach bike rides, specialty multi-user cycles, electric bicycles, and majestic Disneyesque swan boats, Wheel Fun’s activities aren’t just for families and kids, they are truly enjoyed by people of all ages and all physical abilities.  In addition to daytime recreation, Wheel Fun offers illuminated night rides where cycles and swan boats are wrapped in LED lights, a glowing experience unlike anything else you’ve seen.  Glide along the water in a glowing swan boat, or bike along the calming beach strand after dark.

Wheel Fun Rentals has been in the recreation business for over 30 years, and customer safety and health are always a top priority. Wheel Fun Rentals continues to follow all local and CDC guidelines to promote a safe environment for everyone. Safety protocols include: social distancing, disinfecting of rental product, touch-less payment, and more. You can read about  current safety measures here >

Outdoor recreation, along with the endorphins it creates, is the prefect antidote to the mental, physical, and emotional consequences caused by the pandemic. Wheel Fun Rentals offers a variety of ways to get out from behind the screen and a method to maintain focus on what is most important in life.  Find a location near you >


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Founded in 1987, Wheel Fun Rentals started with four wheel Surrey cycles, evolved into specialty bike rentals and bike tours, and now offers recreational rentals of all kinds from more than 100 outlets in 16 states.  Specializing in unique bikes and tours, Wheel Fun Rentals has been offering clean, healthy family fun and affordable outdoor entertainment to nearly  3 million customers annually from city and state parks, resorts, and retail outlets through corporate locations and franchised territories. For more information about Wheel Fun Rentals please visit or call 805-650-7770. Follow Wheel Fun Rentals: @WheelFunRentalsOfficial on Facebook, @WheelFunRentalsOfficial on Instagram, and @WheelFunRentals on Twitter.