Self-Guided Kayak Tour

Tarpon Springs Fred Howard Kayak/SUP Tour

After launching from our convenient Fred Howard Park location, you'll have the choice to paddle around the park area, south of the Causeway, or to Sunset Beach. You'll be delighted as you watch the antics of manatee and other flourishing wildlife found in this oasis. Look for bald eagles, heron, horseshoe crabs, and more all included FREE with half-day and full-day rentals!

The Fred Howard Park self-guided kayak & Stand Up Paddleboard tour is packed with the local flora, fauna, and various points of interest you’ll most likely see on our watercraft tour. And the best part is you choose the length of your adventure all included FREE with half-day and full-day rentals! Whether you embark on this journey with a friend, solo, or even on a Stand Up Paddleboard, this tour has something for everyone!

Starting at $40

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Approx. Time

1 - 3 Hours


Sea Grass Habitat

An amazing array of creatures depend on seagrass in their day to day lives. This special ecosystem provides food for animals like Manatees and sea turtles, serves as a nursery, stabilizes the ocean floor, helps conserve coastal areas in Florida and other Gulf Coast states and improves the water quality! Did you know a single acre of seagrass can support more than 35,000 fish and 50 million small invertebrates?

Bald Eagle

Our nation’s national bird, these supreme hunters excel at catching fish. Despite their name, Bald Eagles aren’t actually bald; their name is derived from the word “piebald,” meaning “white patch.” These birds were critically endangered in the contiguous U.S., due to DDT, but made a comeback once the pesticide was banned.


Also known as “sea cows,” these large gentle grazing giants inhabit warm shallow waters throughout Florida and the Caribbean. Adults can grow to over 11 feet while the record for heaviest weight was 3,649 lbs. Manatees require a specialized environment – plentiful marine grasses and small invertebrates to maintain their layer of blubber and require water temperatures higher than 68 degrees to survive.

Sunset Beach

A hidden gem, Sunset Beach is a favorite with locals to watch Florida’s brilliant color-saturated sunsets. Paddle to Sunset Beach’s shore and take in gorgeous views of the Gulf of Mexico while you relax underneath swaying palm trees in the famous soft white sand. This unique Beach is the perfect spot to pause and experience the park’s thriving coastal habitat. Beach amenities include: restrooms, volleyball nets, picnic areas, and more.

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Self-Guided Tour

  • Your choice of water product
  • A paddle
  • Life jackets
  • Rental Guidelines

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  • comfortable clothes and shoes
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • water
  • A camera