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Open 7 Days a Week
8 am - 8 pm
November 2017 - February 2018*
Open 7 Days a Week
8 am - 6 pm   

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 Single Surrey 

 Hourly:  $29.95
 2nd Hour $39.95
 Half Day:$49.95

 Double Surrey 

 Hourly:  $39.95
 2nd Hour $49.95
 Half Day:$69.95

 Deuce Coupe 

 Hourly: $29.95
 2 Hours:$30.95
 Half Day:$40.95


 Hourly: $16.95
 2 Hours:$20.95
 Half Day:$30.95

 Quad Sport 

 Hourly: $16.95
 2 Hours:$20.95
 Half Day:$30.95

 Cruiser Bike 

 Hourly: $10.95
 2 Hours:$20.95
 Half Day:$30.95
 Full Day:$35.95

 Mountain Bike 

 Hourly: $12.95
 2 Hours:$21.95
 Half Day:$31.95
 Full Day:$40.95

 Tandem Bike 

 Hourly: $20.95
 2 Hours:$29.95
 Half Day:$38.95
 Full Day:$46.95

 Kids Bike 

 Hourly: $8.95
 2 Hours:$10.95
 Half Day:$13.95
 Full Day:$15.95

 Mountain Bike with Child Seat

 Hourly: $12.95
 2 Hours:$21.95
 Half Day:$31.95
 Full Day:$36.95 

 Mountain Bike with Tag-A-Long

 Hourly: $14.95
 2 Hours:$25.95
 Half Day:$35.95
 Full Day:$40.95 
 Taga Bike
 Hourly: $16.95
 2 Hours:$27.95
 Half Day:$37.95
 Full Day:$51.95 

 Roller Blades

 Hourly: $11.95
 2 Hours:$16.95
 Half Day:$20.95
 Full Day:$30.95 
Boogie Board
 Half Day:$11.95
 Full Day:$15.95 
 Umbrella and  Chair Set
 Half Day:$11.95
 Full Day:$20.95
 Full Day: $5
*Free with Bike Rental 

Bike Lock

Wheel Chair*
*Limited Availability 




Santa Barbara - Cabrillo

23 East Cabrillo Blvd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 966-2282


Welcome to the premier bike rentals destination in Santa Barbara; featuring the largest selection of specialty cycles, bicycles, Taga Bikes, and more - guaranteed fun for the whole family! Race along the coastline path, explore the harbor, or take a casual jaunt in one of California's most iconic cities. Located just a tricycle's throw from the Pacific Ocean, Wheel Fun Rentals at Cabrillo Street serves as the perfect starting point for rolling expeditions of scenic trails, sprawling recreation areas, and beautiful sandy beaches.

Cyclists can customize their adventure with a selection of pedal-craft including Surreys (modern carriages), mountain bikes, beach cruisers, and Taga bikes.  Feel like a kid again as you achieve low-to-the-ground glory with a Chopper, Quad Sport, or Deuce Coupe. Wheel Fun Rentals also offers a full selection of beach toys and equipment - perfect for sculpting your next sand fortress. Don't miss this chance to explore Santa Barbara! 

 Santa Barbara Cabrillo Bike Rentals

About the Area

Santa Barbara's Waterfront provides a myriad of adventures. You can head west to Santa Barbara's West Beach, situated between Stearn's Wharf and the Santa Barbara Harbor. This 11 acre beach offers majestic views and palm tree lined paths traverse the entire coastline. You can easily glide past the Santa Barbara Harbor, home to over 1000 ships. If you head west to Santa Barbara's West Beach you will find even more entertainment. West Beach is home to more fantastic pathways and an Arts and Crafts show every Sunday.

Stretch your legs at Chase Palm's Park 10 acre addition which is full of fountains, an outdoor music pavilion, carousel, snack bar, and playground.  If you have a free hour, come rent a custom cycle and drink in the sights.

More adventurous cyclists can board rental cycles for a half day or full day and explore the area. Bike helmets, maps, and bike locks are included, ensuring a safe and well prepared trip, so feel free to stop and snap pictures, stop at Stearn’s Wharf, or explore one of the most beautiful campuses at Santa Barbara City College


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